Information about Centris and some of the associates we work with.
CENTRIS (The Centre for Research and Innovation in Social Policy Ltd) Our mission is to support innovative social policy and practice. Our method is to work with partners active in the field to develop solutions to social issues, through a mixture of research and innovatory initiatives.

CENTRIS was set up in 1988. It is a British non-profit organisation, registered both as a charity (number 299877) and as a limited company ( number 2277906)

CENTRIS works with many organisations and individuals all over the world to achieve its aims.


Barry Knight is a social scientist who has worked for the UK Government as Adviser on policy and grants for non-profit organisations. His early career was spent in research and teaching at Cambridge University and he later worked for the European Commission. He has written books on economic development, family policy, inner cities, the voluntary sector, and social enterprise.

Mike Clark has been a self employed bookkeeper for 9 years and has now joined Centris to help with grants and all financial matters

Andrew Milner is a freelance writer and researcher on questions to do with civil society and its development. He is a lead researcher and writer for CENTRIS. He has also been involved with the Commonwealth Foundation's Citizens and Governance Programme and is associate editor of Alliance magazine.

Sue Robson is an experienced researcher and has worked with Centris on a range of projects. She has a background in working with the voluntary and community sector, providing management skills, research and policy development on social and welfare issues.

Anna Stenning has many years experience of office administration. She sees to it that Centris' systems and procedures run smoothly and effectively. She also assists in research and data input and analysis.